West Indianapolis MOBWest Indianapolis, Indiana

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Project Location

West Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Type

Community-Based Outpatient Clinic


80,000 SF


United States Veteran Administration

The facility has been patterned with human scale fenestrations to provide a link between the exterior and interior. Both of these aid in wayfinding.

Patient navigation is enhanced by providing a reference point at the center of the building, which appropriately becomes the central entry and reception point of the building or central lobby.

The design includes four standard PACT units with 16 teamletes. The program also includes Audiology and Speech Pathology, Eye Clinic, Mental Health Clinic, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PLM,) Pharmacy Service, Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Clinic, Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Tele-Medicine and supporting services. LB/A provided the full architectural, engineering, and project management services.

This project was awarded a Green GlobesĀ© Certificate for New Construction

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