Dennis Boggio


David Fik


Mary Lou Parham

Director of Interior Design

Mark Baker

Principal, Government Studio

Christian Fussy

Principal, Senior Living Studio

Dwight Miller

Associate Principal

Tyler Depew

Associate Principal

Glenn Decker

Director of Business Development

Joe Del Ciotto

Associate Principal

Bill Foster

Associate Principal

Jigna Hammers

Associate Principal

John Boyer

Vice President of Healthcare

Todd Hand

Senior Associate

Kevin Durham

Senior Associate

JoJo McGillvray

Creative Director of
Interior Design

Clair Smith

Marketing + Communications Manager

Cade Hammers

Director of Design

Kristy Buirge

Director of Operations / Controller

Todd Anthony

Florida Office Director

We believe in the inherent potential, worth, and dignity of all people.

We believe working for the good of people is our highest calling.
We strive for the health, happiness, and maximum potential of people’s lives. Our goal is to help people have better, more meaningful lives.

We believe that when we succeed, our work changes the world.
Our purpose is accomplished through our practice of architecture.

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