For the Third Year in a row,  Lantz-Boggio Architects has received a Senior Housing News awards


This year’s Award is for The Ridge Pinehurst under the Independent Living Category.

Lantz-Boggio Architects is pleased to announce that our project, The Ridge Pinehurst, has won third place in the 2020 Senior Housing News Architects and Design Awards Independent Living Category. The 226 Unit independent living community located in Lakewood Colorado nestled between residential neighborhoods, Lakewood’s premier golf course, and a major commercial gateway to Lakewood with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.   This high-profile location and the rich public amenities and landscaped outdoor spaces combine to make The Ridge a focal point for the Seniors of Lakewood whether they live on or near The Ridge campus.

As careful observers, researchers, and leaders in the design of senior living communities for the next generation of aging Americans the design team utilized their collective knowledge as a basis for the program of the building in three key areas:  Connection to the outdoors, connection to the community and Social Connections between Residents.

Industry studies have shown that access to nature and an abundance of daylight are proven to promote psychological and physical wellbeing for residents.   In response, The Ridge Pinehurst was specifically designed to maximize opportunities for indoor-outdoor connections.  The floor-to-ceiling glass was strategically placed throughout the social and activity areas in a manner that optimizes views and access to the outdoors. Options for outdoor activities, ranging from nature paths to gardening, outdoor dining, games, fitness, and a variety of active and passive gathering and social areas are clearly connected and visible from the amenity and activity areas of the building.  Whether you are in an amenity space or unit looking into the courtyard or one that faces out to the mountains or golf course the connection to the outdoors is constant throughout The Ridge.

Surveys of newer generations of seniors emphasize their increasing desire for integration into the community as a whole. In response, The Ridge has an entry to their Health and Wellness that allows this to function as a public-facing independent business where guests, community members, or neighbors can visit the spa, gym, and pool. These amenities are sized to allow The Ridge to share their Health and Wellness resources with the greater community.   This extension of services is also an important outreach to the Active Adult community that lets them integrate with the community over time prior to becoming residents.

Lack of social connection has been shown in countless research studies to have a direct and negative impact on our physical and emotional well being but seniors are especially susceptible to these conditions.   Senior living communities like the Ridge that provide a variety of settings allow their residents to find their place.   Whether it be at the bar for a drink, the bistro for a coffee and a quick bite, or at one of the many dining venues The Ridge provides many social opportunities.  These dining venues are complemented by active learning spaces such as the Art Studio, multiple classrooms, and the game rooms where Seniors can find like-minded neighbors and together with an amazing staff build a culture and community unique to The Ridge.

The Ridge Pinehurst brought together several firms including AP Partners, the Owner of the project; Shaw Construction, overseeing the build; Capella Living Studios, as the Operator, Jirsa Hedrick for Structural, Wilson & Company for Civil, MEP Engineers for Mechanical/Plumbing, Alber Engineering for Electrical, StudioSIX5, Inc. for Interior Design and Lantz-Boggio Architects, as the project’s Architects.

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