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Various elements have been incorporated to improve the patient experience by creating a warm, friendly and inviting facility. This is accomplished by a modern building finished in warm earth tones and textures. Further, the facility has been patterned with human scale fenestrations to provide a link between the exterior and interior, both which aid in way finding. Patient navigation is enhanced by providing a reference point at the center of the building, which appropriately becomes the central entry and reception point of the building or central lobby. This area is also the drop off point for arriving patients, accented by a covered drop off point and an entry point defined by matching metal panels and clear curtain wall glazing systems, suggestive of a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Architectural massing is at a human scale, which is modulated with modern energy-efficient curtain wall and matching windows to create a contrasting and layered composition, both appropriate for the West Indianapolis site and an iconic architectural expression for the West Indianapolis Veteran Affairs Outpatient Clinic.

Project Location: West Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Type: Community-Based Outpatient Clinic

Size: 80,000 SF

Client: United States Veteran Administration

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