About Redding

Lantz-Boggio’s concept for the new Redding Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic is about making a facility that resonates a warm, peaceful and professional healing environment providing the VA with a modern up to date and cost-effective facility, and improving the staff experience.

The design concept is reflected in the site design, the architectural language of the building and throughout the design of the interior of the facility, creating an inspired healing-atmosphere that will provide patients with a peaceful environment both at the exterior and interior of the building. The quality of design and access to nature through exterior amenities will provide patients with a relaxed atmosphere that will help patients to reduce stress and promote health and well-being. LBA deliberately toned down the modernism of the SFO documents in order to introduce familiar and classical architectural elements that would be appropriate with the ages and cultural references of the majority of VA patients that will use the facility.

Project Location: Redding, California

Project Type: Community Based Health Care Clinic Proposal

Size: 121,000 SF

Client: United States Veteran Administration

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